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creative & technical writing

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3. Proposal writing

4. Report writing

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FSI offers its evolving modular, experiential and practical curricula throughout the year to enable facilitated learning for diverse participants local to global.

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Bird Taxonomy with Enroe Soudi

Full module available on the link below

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ArcGIS, QGIS & Blender Tutorial with
Samsuddin Baba

Full ArcGIS, QGIS & Blender Tutorial available in
the module page below

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Effective Advocacy

Don't just leave it to chance/ faith/ facts/
workshops & prayers

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Creating and Analysing Indigenous Data

Learn how to collect, manage and share statistical data

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Taxonomy 101

Taxonomy is a basic skill that one should acquire to understand the variety of life (biodiversity).

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creative & Technical writing

Creative & Technical writing workshop with Cynthia Ong and Ken Wilson

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Composting guide

Three -part guide on effective composting

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civil science & complexity

Conversations on change-making, civil science & complexity

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Theory of Change

All resources available on the module page below

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forever sabah retreat design

KampOng Campus | Tenghilan

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Confidence & expression workshop

Download the full module available from the page below

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Theory U

Full module available on the Theory U page below

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