Aspiring to represent a living, breathing alternative to existing educational models, we co-create our modules with the intention of mutual learning, innovation and transformation; we seek to empower ourselves and each other with the knowledge and skills to become effective changemakers.  

FSI aims to help individuals and teams to develop and sharpen personal, professional and programme strategies, and then guide them through relevant learning areas, including relating to self, systems, sectors and skills.

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Bird Taxonomy with Enroe Soudi

Introduction to Bird Taxonomy.


(1) Bagaimana mengenali burung?
(2) Jenis burung mengikut pemakanan.
(3) Mengenal burung di lapangan.

Approaches to preventing extinction of rare species
by Datuk dr John Payne

Full audio session and slides can be found on the module page


1) Approaches to preventing extinction of rare species audio session
(2) Module slides and resources

Plant Taxonomy 101

Taxonomy is a basic skill that one should acquire to understand the variety of life (biodiversity).


(1) Flora and Fauna
(2) Leaves
(3) Flowers

ArcGIS, QGIS & Blender Tutorial with Samsuddin Baba

View the full tutorial on the module page.


(1) ArcMap Tutorial
(2) Blender Tutorial
(3) GIS & Blender Tutorial

Creating and Analysing Indigenous Data

Learn how to collect, manage and share statistical data.


1) Sampling & measurement
(2) Games, maps, & surveys
(3) Communicating numbers
(4) Triangulation & evidence

Effective Advocacy with Datuk Darrel Webber

Don't just leave it to chance/ faith/ facts/ workshops & prayers.


1) Advocacy
(2) Sales
(3) Pitching ideas

Creative & Technical writing

View our module profile for more details on our Creative & Technical Writing workshop.


(1) Introduction to creative & technical writing
(2) How to write a proposal
(3) How to write a report

Composting Guide

Discover the three-part composting guide.


1) Effective Microbes Activation Solution (EMAS)
(2) Bokashi
(3) Composting

Civil science & complexity

Conversations on change-making, civil science & complexity.


1) Change-making
2) Civil Society
(3) Complexity and Risk Management

Theory of Change

Full module can be found on the module page.


(1) Introduction to the Theory of Change
(2) Identify the root causes of issues
(3) Develop ways to improve the situation

f.s. retreat design

View our module profile for more details on our Forever Sabah Retreat Design.


(1) Leadership
(2) Team building
(3) Communication

Confidence and expression workshop

Build up your confidence and master your expressions.


1) Intention setting
(2) Body language
(3) Voice

Theory u program

Collective Leadership of Profound Innovation and Change.


1) Guidebook
(2) System Sculpting
(3) Five lenses

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