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Our Story

Forever Sabah Institute (FSI)

Within this second wave – 2019 to 2024 – of Forever Sabah’s 25-year mission to support Sabah’s transition to a diversified, equitable, circular economy, Forever Sabah Institute (FSI) is manifesting organically as a necessary evolution to our systemic change process: sharing progressive and grounded learning through a community of allied projects and hubs throughout the FS Ecology.

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In concert with both local and international associates of similar institutions involved with experiential and change-inspired learning, FSI will focus this five years on prototyping and developing strategies for catalysing and stimulating the people in Forever Sabah’s networks to emerge as increasingly effective changemakers: dissolving the boundaries between theory and practice, student and teacher, local and international, learning and doing.

Valuing diversity and accessibility, and the Indigenous Imperative that all types of expertise are important, FSI will supply demand-driven packages and programs to meet participants’ needs to develop across the spectrum of the personal and professional. During this time FSI will also explore financing models that allow scale, responsiveness, resilience and self-sufficiency.

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Governance & Coordination

Forever Sabah Institute (FSI) is currently governed, coordinated and financed through Forever Sabah whose Board comprises diverse representatives from civil society, government, private sector and research in Sabah.

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A significant suite of activities for FSI is “Forever Sabah Institute For Forever Sabah” (FSI4FS), under which FSI designs and offers learning activities for staff, teams and partners from the Forever Sabah web.  Other programs are generated through formal and informal partnerships, requests or relevance for specific learning and offers of teaching/sharing.

The Team

Cynthia Ong

Lead Facilitator,
FS Chief Executive Facilitator

Ken Wilson

Technical Advisor, Forever Sabah

Natasha Sim

Content & Learning Experience Designer

Resource Persons

Fiqah Roslan

Content & Learning Experience Designer

Noel Seanundu

Experiential Learning Facilitator

The X-team (Forever Sabah's Board)

Datuk Dr. John Payne

Datuk Dr. John Payne  
Executive Director, Pongo Alliance

Cynthia Ong

ChEF - Chief Executive Facilitator, Forever Sabah and LEAP

Yee I-Lann

International Artist,
Production Designer

Linn Yong

Entrepreneur, Conservationist,
Creative chef

Datuk Darrel Webber

Managing Director, Global Forest Strategies,
Earth Innovation Institute

Dr. Robert Ong

Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests, Research & Development Forest Research Center,
Sabah Forestry Department

Anton Ngui

Founder & Chairman of
Future Alam Borneo,
Director, Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat

Datuk Fred 

Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests, Planning and Management,
Sabah Forestry Department

Anne Lasimbang

Executive Director, PACOS Trust

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FSI offers its evolving modular, experiential and practical curricula throughout the year to enable facilitated learning for diverse participants local to global.

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