Forever Sabah Institute (FSI) is an integral part of Forever Sabah (FS): the transition towards a diversified, equitable circular economy in the Malaysian Borneo state of Sabah.

experience, learn,
transform, repeat.

The three core functions of Forever Sabah Institute within the FS ecology are:

(1) To support Forever Sabah’s teams to become effective changemakers;
(2) To provide opportunities for Sabahans and Malaysians to experience, learn from, and be transformed by FS’s work;
(3) To enable learning between Sabahans, Malaysians and others in the region and beyond.
FSI is founded on the idea that to be an effective changemaker, we must commit to extend ourselves in at least five key areas of our lives.

Forever Sabah Institute

FS team members want knowledge and skills to become more effective changemakers and achieve personal, social, economic and ecological transformation. FSI builds a web of learning spaces by weaving modular, experiential and practical curricula around FS’ projects; facilitating localised and grounded learning opportunities by Sabahans, for Sabahans, and exchanges between Sabah and others in the region and the world.
FSI training is grounded in place with various partners, particularly on the KampOng Campus for Eco-Literacy and Change.

May 12, 2020

What Does Forever Look Like? Facilitative Leadership Shows The Way...

Ashoka Fellow Cynthia Ong of Forever Sabah gives us insight into the circular economy model she is facilitating on the island of Borneo—one of the most bio-diverse regions on Earth.
Learn about the FS team’s facilitative leadership work around Sabah in their own words and images in this 2019 report.

our events

FSI offers its evolving modular, experiential and practical curricula throughout the year to enable facilitated learning for diverse participants local to global.

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Our Modules

Aspiring to represent a living, breathing alternative to existing educational models, we co-create our modules with the intention of mutual learning, innovation and transformation; we seek to empower ourselves and each other with the knowledge and skills to become effective change-makers.

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Bird Taxonomy with Enroe Soudi

Full module available on the link below

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ArcGIS, QGIS & Blender Tutorial with
Samsuddin Baba

Full ArcGIS, QGIS & Blender Tutorial available in
the module page below

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Effective Advocacy

Don't just leave it to chance/ faith/ facts/
workshops & prayers

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Creating and Analysing Indigenous Data

Learn how to collect, manage and share statistical data

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Taxonomy 101

Taxonomy is a basic skill that one should acquire to understand the variety of life (biodiversity).

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creative & Technical writing

Creative & Technical writing workshop with Cynthia Ong and Ken Wilson

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Composting guide

Three -part guide on effective composting

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civil science & complexity

Conversations on change-making, civil science & complexity

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Theory of Change

All resources available on the module page below

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forever sabah retreat design

KampOng Campus | Tenghilan

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Confidence & expression workshop

Download the full module available from the page below

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Theory U

Full module available on the Theory U page below

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