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Mountaintop Session Power, Politics, Change The Circular Economy Online & In-Person Session
Date: Jan 2021

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Valley Immersion: Paddy & Cultural Revival in Sabah In-Person Session Only
Date: Feb 2021

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Mountaintop Session The Spirit & Practice Of Facilitative Leadership Online & In-Person Session
Date: March 2021

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about our events

FSI offers its evolving modular, experiential and practical curricula throughout the year to enable facilitated learning for diverse participants local to global.

Courses and programs range from a few hours to several days, weeks and months and may be in the field with one of our projects and partners, with one of our affiliated training spaces (like KampOng Campus), and/or online through the FSI portal or independent online platforms.

We warmly welcome requests and suggestions for programs and partnerships, and also co-designing and co-developing modules with other learning groups or institutions.  

Past events & Programs

For past events and programs see below; resources used for many of these programs may also be accessed by clicking the module button below
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Bird Taxonomy with
Enroe Soudi

May 2020

Approaches to Preventing
the Extinction of Rare Species with Datuk Dr. John Payne

April 2020

Effective Advocacy: Don't leave it to chance / faith/ facts/ workshops & prayers
with Datuk Darrel Webber

April 2020

Plant Taxonomy
with Dr. Casey Ng

April 2020

ArcGIS, QGIS & Blender Tutorial with Samsuddin Baba

April 2020

Pan Borneo Highway
Community Filmmakers Workshop

February 2020

Change-making, Civil Science and Complexity Workshop

February 2020

Forever Sabah annual Retreat

January 2020

Creative, Technical Writing & Presentation Workshop

November 2019

Composting with communities
in Kg Wangkod

October 2019

KampOng campus composting training for communities

August 2019

Art Smart Talk Series : Copyright for Artists & Other Intellectual Property Rights

July 2019

Arkitrek- KampOng Campus- fsi design & build camp

July - September 2019
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FS Mid-year retreat

July 2019
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Payment for Ecosystem Services & Water Funds by The Nature Conservancy

July 2019

Monash university
& Ayana exchange

July 2019

Community Elephant Ranger Team (CERT) Retreat

July 2019

FS Exchange with
Conservationist Bella Lack

June 2019

FS Exchange with
Oregon State University
College of Forestry

June 2019

Sustainable Alternative
Livelihoods for Youth - Borneo
(SALY-B) Reunion

April 2019

Partnering with Nature

March 2019

Confidence & Expression workshop

March 2019

forever sabah annual retreat

January 2019

Theory U program

December 2018